Developer Page

Developer Page

Making the magic happen behind the curtains of TappYap is a solo developer, Kylan Haffie; a 20-year-old Computer Science student at Kingston University in London. Aiming to add originality and flair to all their projects, they are interested in the experience of the user and the thoughts and feelings that they provoke.

“Games are like the no-mans land between storytelling and interaction. There is no boundaries in terms of what story can be told, and the player should be free to explore this at their own pace. Even without a story, Players are free to create their own, and share their experience with others. This is powerful in itself.” – Kylan Haffie

Kylan created his first line of code in Java at the age of 10 and pledged to create the coolest game ever. Ever since, he has been brushing up on his programming skills to follow his dream of being part of a game with a fan base. In his spare time he plays the piano, learns Japanese, and practices drawing.

Currently in his second year at University, his plans are to get accepted at an internship at a Games company for 2019. In the meantime, he is developing games and experimenting in different programming languages.

“One of the things I am super-interested in developing for is Virtual Reality. I own an Oculus Rift, so I know how powerful the experience can be. The problem is that not enough people own a Virtual Reality headset to target a large market. I hope that that more and more people get to experience how immersive Virtual Reality can be.”

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